How ‘Ready to Graduate’ are my followers?


Monday, I posted a video of myself singing original lyrics to the tune of Disney Frozen’s “Do you Want to Build a Snowman.” The video was part of an experiment to see how much engagement it created.

I first posted my video on my personal Facebook. My 30 second rendition received eight likes and one share. On Monday I tweeted about my video three times. According to Social Bro, all of my tweet reached a potential 279 people. Of my three tweet from Monday, two got favorited. To try to increase the number of people seeing my tweet I used the hashtags ‘DisneyFrozen’ and ‘DisneySide.’ I also tagged Walt Disney World in one of my tweet and LSU in another. Today I tweeted the video this morning. It received one favorite and one retweet from the same user.


On my YouTube channel my video got nine views and one comment. My total average minutes watched is 3. Of my views, 67 percent were from a mobile device. I posted a 15 second version of the video on Instagram that received 6 likes. Overall, for only having posted the video for two days I think it has done pretty well.




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