How organizations can better use Instagram


In a recent Forbes article, “Instagram Is Shaping Up To Be The World’s Most Powerful Selling Tool,” author Lydia Dishman talks about how instagram has become a major tool for retail brands. According to the article 91 percent of retail brands are using Instagram.

“Sandwiched neatly between trend-inducing selfies (which may or may not include your pets, your swanky new bedding, or your just-cooked meal), branded hashtags and location-based tagging, it’s clear that Instagram is the channel to tap for retailers that truly want to make an impression in omnichannel selling.”

Instagram allows brands to show the more personal side of their business in real time. Much like on twitter, brands should utilize relevant hashtags and follow trends. Businesses can most efficiently use instagram to show new products, behind the scenes footage, how it’s made, showing office space and employees. Instagram helps organizations be more personable.

Successful brands on instagram such as Starbucks and Nike posts pictures that are personal, unique and consistent with their brand’s values. These pictures often show an unique perspective of the product.


Nike’s profile doesn’t show products so much as athletes using products. In addition, the photography is beautiful.

Instagram photos should not seem planned. Instead they should be spontaneous and focus on telling a story. Organization can utilize captions and hashtags to help accomplish this. 

Overall, much like with any other social media platform, organizations should be participate in two-way communications with their publics. Instagram comments, likes and shares are just as important as increasing market shares. An organization’s strengthen their image by successfully using Instagram



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